Welcome to Verge Hack Week

Welcome to Verge Hack Week, where product and editorial are uniting to build cool shit. Below you'll find storytelling tools available to you and documentation on how to use them.


Slack room

You should join the slack room #verge-hackweek if you have questions, ideas, etc.

Hack week badge

To include the hack week story badge at the top of your post, paste this into the HTML tab.

Master list of ideas

Here is the ongoing list of ideas for various Hack Week stories.

Things we've done

Here is the list of all the articles we've published so far during this event!


Your product buddies

Joe Alicata, video

Mike Case, coordinator

Guillermo esteves, engineering

Ted Irvine, design

Pablo, technology

Lauren, product generalist

Kelsey Scherer, Design

Sharon Wong, design

Find us in

Rebecca Lai, design/dev

Nicole Zhu, design/dev